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Do you find life challenging?

Confusing at times?

Sometimes painful?

Is it possible that suffering is optional?

If you are looking for ways to transform whatever blocks you from creating what you truly desire - this is the blog for you. The content is pragmatic, inspirational, philosophical, superficial, serious and humorous (maybe even at the same time). hasn't launched yet, but I will send exclusive stuff to our PreLaunch List Subscribers before anyone else! Join the PreLaunch List by clicking the button below.

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Therese Sibon Creative Director

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THERESE SIBON is an alchemical acupuncturist, with private practices in Manhattan and upstate NY, as well as a personal alchemical coach worldwide. She believes transforming is completely do-able, on all levels.

Therese has worked with clients of all ages, genders and situations - from infants to 90-year-olds, in schools, universities, prisons and homes.